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Динамический CLI: Улучшение CLISH с новыми командами
в моде "Эксперт"

19 АПРЕЛЯ 2019
Динамический CLI был создан с учетом следующих целевых аудиторий:

  • Системные администраторы, которые хотят обеспечить безопасный доступ, предоставляя возможности «Эксперта», не ставя под угрозу пароли «Эксперта» или разделяя все возможности «Эксперта».
  • Пользователи, которым требуется четкое разделение между ролями: мониторинг, только чтение и администратор. Например, пользователи могут отслеживать журналы шлюза безопасности без доступа к «Эксперт» моду.
[1] Введение

Dynamic CLI provides the simplest way to enhance Check Point's CLI (called CLISH) with new commands from "Expert" mode. With Dynamic CLI, it is now possible to reduce and even eliminate the need to access "Expert" space.

Each CLI command is granted with the full set of RBA capabilities, from read-write granularity to a varied amount of roles and permission levels (depending on your needs). Check Point's CLI, together with Dynamic CLI, make completely transparent the gap between "Expert" and CLISH. The new Dynamic CLI commands will preserve the same syntax, concept, and documentation as the current CLISH.

Dynamic CLI was created with the following target audiences in mind:

  • System administrators who wish to secure access by giving "Expert" capabilities without compromising"Expert" passwords or sharing all "Expert" capabilities.

  • Users who want a clear separation between monitor roles/read-only users and administrators. For example, monitor roles users will be able to see Security Gateway logs without access to "Expert" space.
[2] Системные требования

Dynamic CLI can be installed on R80.10 (or newer) servers. Jumbo Hotfic Accumulator can be installed on top of Dynamic CLI without any problem

The server setup can be any of the following:

  • Management Server
  • Multi-Domain Server
  • Gateway / Cluster / VSX
  • Appliance / VM
[3] Ограничения

  • There is no database saved configuration for Dynamic CLI commands, which means that there is no "show configuration."
[4] Последний релиз
[5] Инструкция по установке

Do the following to deploy Dynamic CLI in your system. The same instructions are also relevant when you upgrade your CLI.

  1. Download the package to your machine.
  2. Open the tgz file: tar -zxvf Check_Point_gaia_dynamic_cli.tgz
  3. Run the installer (for upgrade, as well): ./install_dynamic_cli.sh
  4. Reboot the machine.
Note: In order to uninstall Dynamic CLI, run: ./uninstall_dynamic_cli.sh and reboot the machine.
[6] Особенности

When Dynamic CLI is installed, new features will become available in CLISH/WebUI. You can later define these features per role.

Note: Some of the new commands will be available under existing features.

New Features

  • System
  • License
  • Multi-queue
  • Security Gateway
  • SecureXL
  • File
  • Users Access Log
Existing Features

  • Installer
  • Interface
  • syslog
[7] Список команд

The following commands will be available when Dynamic CLI is installed on your system.

Note: Known "Extended Commands" will be removed from your CLI when Dynamic CLI is installed.

Note: In the table below, VALUE represents a parameter supplied by the user.
Security Gateway
[8] Последние изменения

Build 24
Build 23
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